West Nile Virus Has a New Breeding Ground for Mosquitoes to Spread Infection

How can individuals avoid the threat of West Nile Virus? By using the advanced Waterloov Gutter Protection System, water will be the least of a homeowner’s worries when it rains.

The Waterloov Gutter Protection System actually eliminates one of the biggest headaches people have in fighting mosquitoes that bring on water-borne diseases.

(Newswire.net — July 25, 2018) — With the first case of West Nile Virus being reported in the New York area at its earliest point ever as well as deaths reported in neighboring states, individuals are advised to start checking their property for new breeding grounds in which infected mosquitoes may be hiding.

The wet spring has contributed to many new breeding pools for mosquitoes to inhabit which is a prime factor in the spread of the virus. Those most susceptible include the young, the elderly and anyone who is immune-compromised so it’s urgent that people take the time to look for pools of water sitting around their property.

According to Richard Kuhns B.S. Ch. E., the inventor of Waterloov Gutter Guard System, “Those breeding pools can be found inside the clogged gutters which stand outside your bedroom window. Clogged gutters may contain putrid water which is perfect for mosquitoes infected with the West Nile virus.”

This makes it more important than ever to clean the tree debris that has accumulated inside your gutters over the past year(s) or install a quality gutter guard such as Waterloov Gutter Protection System that has been protecting gutters since 1989.

How can the Waterloov Gutter Protection System stop the West Nile Virus in its tracks?

Richard says, “Our impeccable track record of 29 years in business has demonstrated that gutters protected with this system never clog! Rather than a long fin, which can actually let in full-sized leaves, collecting water like most gutter guards have, our gutter guard has two rows of interspersed louvers in the front vertical surface such that nothing large enough can enter to clog gutters. And, because of the way the water enters the gutter from our gutter guard, it makes any gutter a self cleaning gutter.”

The Waterloov Gutter Guard can be installed on all types of gutters with all types of roofs. This makes it that much more appealing when the threat of West Nile Virus is hanging over people’s heads.

Even in cases where, because of the settling or building abnormalities, resulting in low spots in a run of gutter that can accumulate water and be a potential breeding ground for mosquitoes, the Waterloov System solves the problem. The tiny small debris that does enter the water collectors collects in low spots of the gutter creating a false bottom thus removing any accumulation of water inside the gutter.

The Waterloov Gutter Protection System actually eliminates one of the biggest headaches people have in fighting mosquitoes that bring on water-borne diseases.

R. K. Industries, the manufacturer of Waterloov Gutter Protection System, is looking for quality companies to market and install Waterloov for its customers who demand a gutter guard that will live up to a lifetime performance warranty and can eliminate most water-borne diseases before they start.

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