How To Maintain Your Waterloov Gutter Guard System

Maintenance of Your Waterloov Gutter Guard System

Most other companies don’t want to talk about maintenance or they say it’s not needed.

Waterloov® Gutter Guard is proud to discuss this important subject.

Our experience since 1989 is that 85% of Waterloov® customers never need to perform any gutter maintenance. For the other 15% who live in heavily treed areas where debris is often washed from the roof onto the gutter protector and eventually over the louvers, maintenance is required once or twice per year and it doesn’t require ladders or changing into work clothing.
Waterloov® is the only system that can be easily maintained from the ground by the homeowner in the amount of time it takes to walk around their home.

The truth is that all gutter guards require some kind of maintenance. And if someone suggests it’s never needed, they are asking you to believe in Santa.  The questions are whether it must be done from a ladder or if it can be done from the ground? Or can the homeowner do it, or must a service man be called to perform it?

How is this suit and tie maintenance performed? A small light weight brush mounted on the end of a telescopic pole is simply brushed across the louvers. The stiff bristles knock off any debris that may be covering the louvers. And if it’s done shortly after a rainfall, the brushing will return the gutter covers to their original color and shape.

To maintain all other systems, ladders, old clothes, or service calls are required. That’s the Waterloov® advantage.