Colors of Waterloov Gutter Guards

Color of Waterloov Gutter Guardscolor_samples_(Small)

Choosing the right color for your gutter guards is important. Often times, because most gutters are white, the homeowner wants to play it safe and stay with white. It’s true that high gloss white will stain less than the flat white, but if your home is in a high debris area, the recommendation is to stay away from white.

White gutter guards will always stain with lots of debris and although it will look pristine upon installation, a few years later you’ll be wishing you had chosen another color. Now don’t get me wrong. Even when the white gutter guard panels get dirty, brushing them from the ground with our telescopic pole and brush will give new life to the white gutter guards.

Even though there are nearly fifteen colors, there are only three basic options:
1. Choose a gutter cover color to blend or match with the roofing*. If you have a dark roof, then you’d choose territone, bronze, black, or maybe dark gray. With this option, the gutter covers blend in and kind of disappear. And, if you have lots of tree debris, it’s difficult to see a stain on black, bronze, or territone.
2. Match the color of your gutter. When this is done, the gutter line is featured. Note that many homeowners will pay $12 or more per foot for non functioning decorative dental molding. With Waterloov® homeowners love the decorative design the functioning gutter guards provide.
3. Choose a contrasting color to feature the gutter guards. Ex. , a homeowner with a brown wood shake roof and white gutters chose black gutter guards to feature the gutter guards.

*Note: Many homeowners with black roofs choose black gutter guards. This may not be the best choice as black roofs after a few years of exposure to the sun begin to bleach and the black gutter guard can show up as a black strip. The better choice is bronze with blends in with bleaching roof.