Valley Water Collection Solutions

Large modern homes with large roof valleys can generate large volumes of rainwater that can overwhelm even oversized gutters.

This water needs to be controlled so it doesn’t overshoot the gutter and cause problems on the ground below and in the basement. Adding gutter covers can compound the problem making it harder to rectify unless your gutter protection system comes with a patented solution that not only can control the water but also makes it easier to keep the valley clean.

Since our beginning in 1989 we recognized that valley water presented a challenge to any gutter guard system that wanted to collect all the rainwater. We experimented with many different possible solutions including splash blocks, corner screens and openings in the top of the inside corner panels none of which worked to our satisfaction.

The combination of a low solid diverter and overlapping perforated diverters worked the best but was not perfect because in some situations debris would behind it and can be difficult to keep clean. Feedback from customers and installers lead to the development and patenting of the Valley Fall panel and the Dome Diverter.

Three ways to control roof valley water

Valley-Fall valley collection panel.
Dome Diverter controls water in smaller shorter valleys.
Fence Diverter for moderate valleys that don't hold debris.