Now that we have been through an entire year with our new gutters and Waterloov, I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the product…
Steve & Harriet Yake
Severna Park, MD

We have two large oak trees and a maple very close to our house so keeping the rain gutters unclogged was a perpetual problem. We had Waterloov installed and now we have no problems al all. I’ve stood on the f4ront porch during a heavy rain and all of the roof water was conducted into the eaves trough. Our Iowa winters get very cold but when we get sunny days the snow on the roof melts. We get some icicles but the gutters are not full of ice and I’ve watched the water running out of the downspout on warm winter days instead of over the edge like it did before when they were clogged with leaves and ice.
Spencer, IA

About six years ago, after falling from my roof while cleaning my gutters (breaking my elbow in the process), I had Waterloov installed on my gutters. After six years, I have been in heaven! Not once have I had to clean my gutters even with the abnormally heavy rain we have had in the last couple of years. Occasionally I had my daughter perform the suit and tie maintenance without any hitches.
Herb Ramos