Questions about Gutter Guards

Do I need to have new gutters installed when you install the Waterloov Gutter Guard product?
Yes and no. If your gutters are tattered, worn, beaten by ladders, leaking, and the spikes are rusty and loose, we recommend new gutters. Otherwise, we’ll work with your existing gutters.
There’s no reason to replace perfectly good gutters.

My gutters streak. Do I need to replace them and will your product keep them from streaking?
Generally white gutters streak with or without gutter covers. The best cleaner is Simple Green. However, they will streak again within three months. If streaking is an esthetic problem, it’s advisable to replace light colored gutters with a darker color that won’t show streaking.

What is your track record with Waterloov Gutter Guards?
Our first test installations were installed in 1989 in NJ. Those first installations are still free of clogging. Since then thousands of homes have been installed nationwide.

What about icicles and ice dams?
Ice dams and icicles form when insulation and ventilation are inadequate. In fact if 100 Waterloov homes are observed with snow on the roof, we find one third where it appears that Waterloov causes the ice and snow to melt along the gutter line, one third has snow simply sitting on the gutters and one third has icicles and or ice dams.
Whenever icicles and ice dams are found, inspection of the attic invariable reveals inadequate insulation or inadequate circulation. This ultimately means a build up of moisture in the attic space which contributes to rotting the plywood on the roof. Click here for more information on how to make sure your roof is healthy and what to do about it if is not.

Is any maintenance required with Waterloov?
For 85% of the Waterloov Installations, no maintenance is required. For the other 15% located in extremely heavy debris conditions, suit and tie maintenance is required to keep your system clean and working properly. Click here for details.

Are Waterloov Gutter Guards available in different colors?
Yes, we can match your gutter color or blend with your roof.
Click here for a chart of available colors.

Is Waterloov effective against pine needles and pine straw?
Yes, Waterloov is the only product that is completely effective against all types and lengths of pine needles and pine straw.

What makes Waterloov effective against pine needles?
Waterloov is the most effective product against pine needles because:

1. The interspersed louvers will not allow anything greater than 3/4″ in length through them. We
call them discriminating because they discriminate against debris longer than 3/4″. Even short pine
needles as from the Hemlock, must hit the louvers perfectly in order to get through the louvers.
Result–very few get in and the few that do make it are flushed down the downspout. No other system
in the market place has this feature.
2. There is a wall of protection against pine needles being washed in from the gutter lip. No other
product has this feature. In fact all other products have no protection against pine needles
washing in from the gutter lip of all sizes and lengths.

How long does it take to install Waterloov?
Generally for a home requiring 150 feet of gutter covers (50 3′ pieces) it takes a crew of two usually about three hours to install the product. If there are a considerable number of inside and outside corners and a high pitched roof requiring installation from ladders, it may require and additional hour or two.

What is the procedure for installation?
1. If installation utilizes existing gutters, all gutters and leaders are cleaned. Usually cleaning is with air unless gutters are full of sediment in which case, they are hand cleaned and then flushed. Any joints that have been identified by the homeowner to be leaking are cleaned and caulked. All gutters are tightened, spikes repositioned where necessary, additional screws added to
fasten the rear of the gutter to the fascia board if required.

2. If installation replaces existing gutters, old gutters are removed and new gutters and or leaders are installed.

3. The panels are next installed by fitting the rear flat edge of the panel under the shingle and installing the front lower lip of the panel under the front top lip of the gutter where it is hard fastened with stainless steel screws. Outside corners, inside corners and end-caps are fabricated
as required from ladders or the roof.

4. Clean up. Our Waterloov dealers and installers strive to leave your property as clean if not cleaner than it was found.

Are all your dealers and installers certified?
No. Many sales are made through distributors to general contractors and gutter installers. Every box of Waterloov comes with basic installations.
We also have an 800 help line for any questions.
If you have a question about anyone representing the Waterloov product, please call 1-800-841-7246 to get your answers. Even though Waterloov is the easiest of all gutter protection products to install and the most forgiving product, we have found some installers who just didn’t use common sense.

What is the Waterloov Warranty?
When the product is installed by certified installers, Waterloov provides a lifetime performance warranty–the best in the industry.

How much does Waterloov cost to have installed?
All dealers and installers are independent contractors. Relatively speaking, given the cost of hospital visits for broken legs (and we have found many customers who have had these terrible accidents) the cost could well be from a thousand dollars to $50,000 in hospital bills for a broken foot, leg, or pelvis. The answer to the question is relative to the local costs of advertising, sales, insurances, marketing, and labor which could result in as much as $26 per foot–a one time investment. Yet, when you consider the value of virtually maintenance free gutters, the real value is well worth three or four times that number.

What about bees?
Bees will nest in gutters and under any gutter cover. There is no protection from bees with or without gutter covers..

Will the gutters overshoot and miss any water?
Unlike other products that must be installed at precise angles in order to collect water, Waterloov for two reasons collects all the water without over shoot:
First, it is very flexible and can be installed at any angle.
Second, tiny inherent openings–a patented feature–created at the juncture of the bottom of the top gutter lip and the top of the lower front flange of the Waterloov panel, creates a wick like action that sucks any water in that may drain from the gutter lip towards the gutter. The only water to drip onto the ground is from any water that rains onto gutter lips which may drain to the front of the gutter rather than to the back of the gutter.

What is done to collect Valley Water?
Whereas all other gutter cover systems either use nothing to divert or collect water from valleys or only use solid diverters, Waterloov is the only product that has available a full compliment of products to collect valley water. Click here for more information.

What is different about the difference in design compared with other types of gutter protectors?
There are three basic designs: fins, fins and troughs, louvers.

Whereas the fins and trough designs allow in debris of any size, the double row louvered design discriminates against any debris larger than 3/4″ in length getting into the gutters. Click here for detailed explanation.

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