1- Leaf Relief Gutter Guards

Leaf Relief Gutter Guards

Are you looking for information about leaf relief gutter guards?

If so, you’ve come to the right page in the internet. Leaf relief means freedom from leaves and debris getting into your gutters and while there are over a hundred products that claim they keep leaves and debris from getting into your gutter, there is only one product that really performs the talk.

That product is the Waterloov® Leaf Relief Gutter Guard. Well let’s clarify: In light debris conditions where the trees are about 100 feet away from your home and you only need to have your gutter cleaned about once every few years, then any product will fit the bill (except for cheap flimsy screes which easily blow out or get dislodged by squirrels or racoons walking on them).

However, if you have trees that are just a few feet away from your roof line or trees that even hang over your roof, then hold on a minute. You need to be careful which product you choose. And it’s rarely a price difference. Generally we’re only talking about a ten to fifteen percent price difference between a leaf relief product that will cause you nothing but headaches and a product that will protect your gutters and provide the leaf relief you desire.

First: stay away from any filter or screen leaf relief devices. No matter how sophisticated  (stainless steel mesh) or expensive they are, they will collect tree debris (blossoms and leaves) on the top of them and eventually your gutters will overflow and you won’t have leaf relief but instead a headache.

The answer is the solid top type of leaf relief gutter guard. But then be choosy as not all are created equally.

Secondly: Stay away from any leaf relief solid top type of gutter guard that has one long fin as a water collector. Even though the opening through which the water flows is very narrow, full sized blossoms, pine needles, and leaves can march right through that opening and clog your gutter leaving you no leaf relief but instead another expensive headache as they cost thousands of dollars to install.

So what does work? Answer: It’s all in the design. You want a leaf relief gutter guard like the patented Waterloov® Gutter Cover system. It’s features are that instead of one long fin (with or without some kind of trough or screen type openings in it’s top, or double bends to slow water) the Waterloov® Gutter Cover leaf relief system has two rows of interspersed louvers of limited size in it’s horizontal surface such that nothing larger than 3/4” can ever get through the louvers. Result: After nearly a quarter century of service, gutters never clog with the Waterloov® Gutter Cover system. In fact gutters covered with the Waterloov® Gutter Leaf Relief Cover system become self cleaning gutters.

Yes, it’s important to pick the right solution, please watch this video and fill in the form on the right side. You’ll be glad you did.

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