1- Do Gutter Guards Work

Have you been wondering if gutter guards work?

Let’s clear up the confusion—all gutter guards work, The question is “how well do they work?”

First there are screens: Unless they are sturdy, forget about them. Otherwise they work well in light debris conditions. In heavy debris conditions, (no matter how expensive they are) they will either pass debris and clog the gutter or accumulate debris on top and keep rain water from getting through the screen.

Then, there are the solid top gutter guards. The basic most fundamental design is like what you’ll see at http://www.niagaraguttercover.com which has just one long fin. It keeps out 92% of all debris. Again, this is great in light debris conditions but in heavy debris conditions that 8% that gets through the gutter guard and into the gutter in sufficient quantity to clog the gutter.

Then there are the solid top gutter guards with a fin and a trough such as the Gutter Topper design. The 8% that got into the first fin design will still get into this trough where in medium to heavy debris conditions it will either clog the trough or break down and get into the gutter to clog it.

An improvement in design is one row of louvers and a trough such as what you’ll see at http://www.carefreegutters.com which passes about 2% of the debris into the gutter. This design works well in medium debris conditions, but in heavy debris conditions–particularly with pine needles–enough debris will get into the gutter to clog.

The ultimate gutter guard design is the interspersed double row louvered Waterloov Gutter Guard system. This system keeps out 98.8% of all debris which makes gutters self cleaning even after a quarter century.

Take a look at Waterloov in this video below. Watch how the other screens, foam and helmet style systems work compared to Waterloov. We think you’ll be as impressed as we are.


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