One Wrong Decision on Gutter Covers
Could Cause More Problems
Than You May Think…

Would you be concerned by mold, bacteria, mosquitos, unexpected costs and more maintenance than you’d bargained for?

Most people would… Yet with the demonstrations the manufacturers of “gutter guards” show, you would assume every gutter cover system gets the job done.

Heard this said about gutter covers before:

  • No maintenance?

  • Lifetime Warranty?

  • Never needs cleaning again?

This all sounds GREAT, but is it really true?

Variety #1 – The Helmet Type

helmet type gutter system failure cloggedMost other gutter covers, primarily the helmet type, contain only one long fin, that can let in large size leaf debris over time.

Gutter Helmet is prone to unsightly staining and grime build-up.

This causes it to lose liquid adhesion which results in water completely missing the gutter, defeating the purpose.

Variety #2 – The Screen Type

clogged screen style gutter cover systemThe screen covered gutters, collect leaves and foliage on top

creating an evenutal blockage, again requiring you to hire someone or go up there yourself and clear off the leaves.

Not exactly maintenance free. Screens are flimsy and often get bent out of shape by heavy snow and ice. Small seeds can sometimes get thru and allow them to sprout within the system.

Our System – Waterloov!

waterloov system showing not clogged even with debrisWaterloov® has a face with two rows of discriminating louvers that limit the size of debris and collect all the water without overshooting.

collects NOTHING

The small amount of debris that manages to get through the louvers is washed out because the design of the louvers causes a swirling action at the bottom of the gutter as shown.


Health and Stagnant Water

mouldy gutter system from stagnant waterStagnant water isn’t a healthy thing to have around. It’s a breeding ground for mosquitos, bacteria and mold.

With the louvers creating a swirling action and downforce, the result is a system that prevents seepage, rust, rot and mold.

No Ladder Needed Maintenance!

waterloov low maintenance gutter system requires no ladder to cleanStop, don’t get hurt climbing up on that latter!

While other products would like you to believe they are maintenance free, Waterloov® likes to be upfront and not mislead you. Only approximately 15% of Waterloov® installations, need any maintenance at all. We call it “Suit and Tie Maintenance” because it so easy, it can be done dressed in a suit and tie. To maintain all other systems, you’ll need to change clothes (clothes you don’t care about) and get a ladder or you’ll have to call the company and hope they can make a service call before the next rain-fall and that there’s no fee involved.

Durability – 20 Years Strong

Made of top-quality aluminum, we believe the Waterloov system is solid, will never rust and will not deteriorate. Waterloov is one of the only systems on the market that’s been tested for over 20 years and proven to not get clogged!

We will answer any questions you have, even
if it is about the gutter cover system you have now. We are looking forward
to help ease your pain and squash your problems, with The Waterloov Gutter Cover System.

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